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Non-Student Policies

Policies for Off-Campus Individuals or Groups

  1. Off campus individuals/groups must secure approval to come on campus through the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Union Room 169, or call (337) 482-6276. Groups should secure approval at least two weeks in advance.
  2. There may be no more than 5 members representing a group.
  3. Based on availability, the place designated for off campus individuals or groups is the "Green" area, located on Hebrard Blvd., in front of Cypress Lake, next to Burke-Hawthorne Hall. . The University reserves the right to change the designated location to another location.
  4. Must furnish own table and chairs. Tents are allowed but no stakes, weights, bricks etc. may be used.
  5. No loud speaker or amplification system may be used. There is to be no shouting.
  6. Any material distributed must be made available to any interested person and any material thrown on the ground must be picked up by the person distributing the information.
  7. No solicitation (i.e., purchase or sign-up)  is allowed on campus.
  8. Students may not be harassed or coerced into reading material presented by the individual or group.
  9. No flyers may be put on windshields of cars on campus. (This includes Cajun Field).
  10. Any security beyond that which is available from normal security already on-shift during the time of event will be appropriately charged to the organization. Security needs will be determined by the University.
  11. Times will be determined by the University between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays.
  12. No individual or group may solicit or hand out information on campus more than one time per semester and for no more than two consecutive days.
  13. No off-campus business or services may post advertisements anywhere on campus except through the University newspaper, the Vermilion. Any unauthorized notices put on University buildings, bulletin boards, etc. will be removed.
  14. Credit card solicitation is not allowed.
  15. Sales solicitation of a commercial nature is not permitted on campus. Except when approved by the Dean of Students.
  16. UL Lafayette Police will be provided with a list of all nonstudent groups who have been approved to distribute information on campus.
  17. Anyone violating these policies will be subject to immediate removal from campus and being banned from future events.

Sale of Merchandise on Campus

All solicitation, display or sales of merchandise on campus, except by campus organizations in conjunction with fundraisers, must be contracted through the Student Union. Individuals or groups will be limited to one visit per semester, two consecutive days only to solicit, display, or sell merchandise on campus. For contracting or more information, contact the Student Union Director, Student Union room 101 or call (337) 482-6939.