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To better help you understand what we have to offer, we've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and provided answers below.

Where does one go to in search of housing on campus?
UL Lafayette Housing is a good place to start - they offer a variety of housing options, along with meal plans. You can find them here.

I'm looking for a place to park my Pinto while on campus - where can I go so that I don't get covered with parking tickets?
UL Lafayette Parking and Transit is your destination here. Obviously parking close to the center of campus is more expensive and less available, so you may be interested in our remote non-prime parking areas which are served by our regular transit buses. Oh, if you have any issues regarding parking tickets, you should stop by our office first.

I've come down with something and I'm too ill to go to class - is there anywhere on campus where I can see a doctor or nurse?
Those who live in the dorm on campus can take advantage of the UL Lafayette Student Health Services free of charge. Those living off campus are charged a small amount for each visit. They can help with many minor illnesses and ,depending on the nature of the illness, write a medical excuse for your professor.

You know, I'm pretty mean on the basketball court but I'm having trouble finding people to hang with - any suggestions?
Yep, try our Recreational Sports. You have unlimited use of the superb Bourgeois Hall facility, located close to the Cajundome and Cajun Field.And if you're ready for some football, we offer flag football leagues alongside other activities.

Okay, I'm close to graduating from UL Lafayette but I'm at a loss on how to find a job and need some help - what's out there?
Worry not - UL Lafayette Career Services is here to help. They offer job listings gathered from local companies as well as those further afield. You can also get advice on creating a resume and cover letter, as well as many other services.

I have a bicycle which i use to get to and from campus - I heard that I need to register it - where?
You're right - it is a requirement to register your bicycle and you do that through the UL Lafayette Police Department.

Do you have any questions that you want answered about the services offered by Student Affairs? Email and we will do our best to answer them. Some of them may be featured on this page in future updates.